About Me

Hey, I am Calvin Williams and I am a programmer. I am an Algonquin College graduate with an Ontario College Diploma in Computer Programming. This is my personal website for displaying previous projects and information about me. I am not currently looking for work but feel free to contact me.






Java RMI Client/Server with Hibernate

This is an RMI with Hibernate combination of the Client/Server Project here and the Bouncing Sprites Project here but without the multithreading.
Sprites are saved in a MySQL database using Hibernate (Sprites class annotated, Server class committing).
Clients connect to the Server and gets an RMI object that hold an array of the sprites and methods to get height/width. To add sprites the Client clicks and a method on the RMI object is called to create a new sprite at the position clicked.

Java Sprites

The project was our first time using threads and is now a very small project knowing what I know now.
All this project does is runs an animated "sprite"(coloured ball) on a new thread.

Java Client Server Implementation

This is a multi-threaded Java implementation of a client/server program.
The server listens for client connections and if one is recieved it sends it to a client handler where the client can send text to the server and it will simply echo it back to the client. The client can exit by typing "thanks for all the fish" and the server will continue to run.

SHA Hashing

Personal work in progress on SHA hashing. I started this as I have mined and been interested in cryptocurrency for a long time and hashing is a big reason why crypto can exist. Using it to teach me more about crypto.

Java Vancouver Housing Data Parser

This was one of my assignments for my Business Intelligence (BI) course. The program parses CSV files released by the local Vancouver government and displays very basic BI statistics.

This Website

This website was created by me! It is available through these domains:
The website is hosted through github pages and the technologies used can be found in the github readme.



Ontario Secondary School Diploma

I graduated from Carleton Place High School receiving my Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Post-Secondary School Diploma

I attended and graduated from Algonquin College's 2 year Computer Programming course receiving my Ontario College Diploma in Computer Programming. I achieved a 3.28 GPA as well as Dean's Honour Roll Winter 2017.


I received a Machine Learning certificate through Coursera (MOOC) from Stanford University. View the certificate

Work History



Software Engineer Trainee

Training and Working in Sitecore Product Support Services. Using C#, ASP.NET and more.

Individual Client

Proof of concept LAMP project

Worked with a team in an agile environment on a proof of concept software development project for a client through Algonquin College.

Ontario Linen Solutions

General Labourer

Prepared linens for packaging and delivery to Clients.

MACS Convenience Store

Cashier/Stock Boy

  • Greeted customers with positive attitude during transactions.
  • Maintained daily sales accounts.
  • Ensured a clean and safe environment.
  • Reception of goods from vendors and stocked shelves.

Walmart Canada

Garden Center Employee

  • Worked the cash register.
  • Maintained stock in garden center.
  • Interacted with and guided customers.